Irrespective if you are coming to Kalptiya for kitesurfing or leisurely, we can always customize these packages to meet you needs.


External view of standard cabana

bed and breakfast - Stanadrd

We offer you best sleeping comfort (no tents, beds made from carefully hand-crafted Palmyra wood and natural form mattresses) in specious wooden cabanas.


Inside view of a standard cabana

Full board - standard

You only need accommodation with full board / all included in Kalpitiya? Then this is the perfect package for you. Explore Kalpitiya on your own.


Airport pikcup with a Volkswagen surf van

airport pickup

In case you wish to be picked up from the Colombo International Airport in Negambo, we arrange trusted drivers from Kalpitiya to meet you at the Airport.

 Ensuite seen from inside

Ensuite seen from inside

bed and breakfast - ensuite

Three Ensuites with a private shower garden is the highlight. Enjoy the lagoon view wile you read a book in your own hammock

 Enjoy the evening sun on your private veranda

Enjoy the evening sun on your private veranda

Full board - Ensuite

For all those who requires a unique experince in Kalpitiya with all included. Choose our Bigger cabanas

 only Volkswagen camper in Sri Lanka

only Volkswagen camper in Sri Lanka

only surfer camper

In case you are in search of something very unique, then this is for you. Sleep in a Volkswagen Camper