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Kalpitiya Dolphin / whale watching / snorkeling Tours - Service VS Cost

During the season December 2014 up to April 2015 we had number of tours which were organized by Ruuk Village.

All our tours are organized with skilled boatsmen from the local fishing communities. Most of these persons are from the surrounding fishing communities and are perfect guides on the water, with their long years of experience but most of these persons are not trained tour guides. Which means they are authentic. We choose these boat owners to provide our tours since we want the local community to profit directly from tourism in the region. And in years to come they will master tour guiding skill on the job.

Most of the time its only two people who have taken these tours with us. This fact in return makes it difficult to make it cost competitive with tours which are done in the south coast. Down in the south coast, you have boats which can occupy up to 40 passengers sometimes, and this reduces the cost per head dramatically. 

In kalpitiya it is more a unique experience where you are guided by experienced fishermen who offer their boat service to small business like Ruuk Village. In most cases just two of you and two local guides trying their best to locate Dolphins out in the open indian ocean. These boats spend averagely up to about 3 hours in the water looking for Dolphin hangouts.

Below i have listed locations, to give you a rough idea about how far one needs tot travel in one of the small fishing boat which is converted in to a small passenger boat with a capacity of up to 6. Unfortunately if only two guests are available for one boat the cost of transport is then divided between the two. And incase there are 6 who are doing the trip, then the price of the tour becomes much economical. Just incase if you are in search of more economical prices and do not mind travelling in a boat where there can be up to 40 odd passengers, they it would be best that you travel down south to spot the dolphins and whales. But if you are a individual traveler who apprciates personal service even though it might not have the highest standards of tourism. But pure and authentic, then you are in the right palce ( Kalpitiya ). 


Bar reef is around 16km from RuukVillage beach ( 8.2 sea neutical miles).
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Description how these small fishing boat locate dolphins

When the sea is calm, small fishing communities can go in to the deeper water to look where the tuna is moving, and these small fishing communities live off this art of fishing. And to complement this situation, the dolphins also hunt for tuna. This is exactly the situation that every dolphin safari boat is keeping an eye out for. Our local boatsmen do is, look where the small fishing boats hangout to do their fishing, and then check their surroundings accordingly.

If the small fishing boats are there and then also the flocks of tuna, then the dolphins are there too. Throughout the year the above mentioned hunt of tuna by dolphins takes place, but due to the reason that there are no small fishing boats to spot them, it is then difficult for our local boatsmen  to spot the dolphins. When the indian ocean becomes rough the small fishing boat don't go out that often anymore. This means the season is declared from November to March when the winds die out.