Just you and the stars at night..

Just you and the stars at night..

Enjoy your shower in your own private open air shower garden..

Enjoy your shower in your own private open air shower garden..


Kalpitiya Bed and Breakfast in a  ENSUITe Cabana , 38€ P/P

The best about our 3 ensuite cabanas is that you have an elevated veranda, which allows you a view of the lagoon. Specially in the evening at sunset just sip a cold beer and ready a book in your own hammock. Your shower is surely going to be an experience, a very specious shower garden is going to be an attraction.  The water you use is stored in a tank just behind the cabana. And the sunshine warms up the water a bit, so that you can have a comfortable shower. We use the water you use for the plants. It might not be the perfect solution, the coconut fiber we use on the surrounding does filter the soap / shampoo to a certain extent.  During the day, we offer solar electricity to charge your phones and the generator takes over in the evening till 22:30Hrs. We are right now working hard to make our dream come true, to be a fully sustainable project with its own "GREEN" energy production (Renewable Energy).

In case you wish to walk to the town centre to get some souvenirs, it is a 20min walk or a 5mins ride with a TukTuk. The close vicinity to the lagoon allows you to open your door in the morning and check the wind condition, in case the wind has not yet picked up you could chill in your veranda.   

  • 38€, bed & breakfast per person (in double occupancy)

    • Includes housekeeping (Fresh bed Linen, Towels)

  • Single occupancy is: 53€

  • Most of our food are cooked in clay pots on an open fire stove ( We use our own fire wood from our plantation).

    • You can order your Lunch and dinner (Authentic Sri Lankan curries - extra charges apply),

    • Price varies between 3.50€ to 5.50€ Fixed Menus, Vegetarian meals are also served on request

    • Fish BBQ / Grill Fish / Kottu Rotti or even a Pizza from our wooden fired oven

  • Ask our team to take you to the main fish harbour in the morning to choose fresh fish. We will prepare you a BBQ with the fish too.

  • Every now and then, we have special offers - just feel free to inquire for more details.

Use the below given button to make an inquiry , we will get back to you with more details.

NOTE: During the peak season (May - till September  and December till March) B&B option is not offered due to administration overhead.