Ruuk Village – the ultimate oasis of tranquillity, on the peninsula of Puttalam, just two and a half hours away from the Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo, Sri Lanka, humbly awaits your presence to grace the shores of the beautiful Kalpitiya lagoons.

Step into a world of natural beauty, pristine and preserved; spread across a land extent of 9000sqm which a former coconut plantation was, now home to eight alluring cabanas thatched to strike a balance between your comfort and our impact on the environment.

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The only off the grid sanctuary in the heart of all Sri Lankan kiting activities, enveloped by the peaceful ambience of the setting sun of the West coast, harmonising with the heartbeat of the local fishermen of Kalpitiya. Find the simplicities you cherish, together with kitesurfers like yourself, as you all gather at Ruuk Village to celebrate life in this kitesurfers’ paradise while savouring the authenticities of Sri Lankan culture and gastronomy.

With famous kiteboarding spots such as Vellai or Dream spot only about 20 to 40 minutes away from Ruuk Village, summer season usually gifts kiteboarders with wind conditions that average from 18-20 knots. Winter months are more laid back and since the thermic wind build up during this season commences mostly after 10am to 11am, it allows you to relish your breakfast a little longer. You could even opt for a quick breakfast followed by a casual stroll around the neighbourhood of Kalpitiya, before you start kitesurfing.

Conforming with Ruuk Village motto and vision 'Keep it simple and reduce our foot-print ' we bestow you with the ultimate sophistication of simplicity - Sri Lankan style!

Fully equipped with the best VDWS/IKO certified kite instructors and latest CrazyFly and CORE kite gear, we are ready to host our fellow kiters and ride the lagoons alongside. So, come, set your glance at the far horizons of the untouched Kalpitiya lagoon and indulge in the comforts of the overwhelming hospitality of the locals.

Even if you are a non-kiter accompanying your spouse, friend or family, we will curate unforgettable experiences and activities that will save you from what you may deem as ‘boredom.’


Enjoy eco friendly cabanas during kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

Enjoy eco friendly cabanas during kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

Built with sustainability as the cornerstone, Ruuk Village is an ongoing project that was initiated by two Sri Lankans, Thileeban and Roshan, as they believe in the importance of taking a stance of minimalism. Encouraging kiters from all over the world to embrace the rustic haven of Ruuk Village as their holiday home, in the kiters’ paradise of the west coast in Sri-Lanka.

Both Thileeban and Roshan are on a mission to consciously give back to the society and minimise the deterioration of the natural beauty of the environ they operate in. Laying the foundation to the first phase, which was completed in July 2013, a team of locals was sourced and trained to take on the operations of Ruuk Village, and we are proud that each one of them has been part of our years-long journey. Making course-corrections every step of the way and challenging norms such as plastic and fossil energy usage, we strive to maintain a balance between your satisfaction and preserving the unspoilt beaches and lagoons of Kalpitiya, for our future generations, so they too can ride these lagoons with great pride, as we do now!


VDWS & IKO qualified instructors during your kite holidays in Kalpitiya

VDWS & IKO qualified instructors during your kite holidays in Kalpitiya

With the financial and strategic backbone of Thileeban and Roshan, the operations of this community-based tourism initiative, have been handed over to the young locals, with the sole intention of empowering them, to establish themselves in this fast-paced industry. Instead of providing them with a mere source of income, Ruuk Village offers the much enthusiastic workers all year-round job security. Consistently providing them with the necessary skills and training, we proactively become a part of their professional maturity, while instilling in them the values of sustainability, we uphold as an entity.

As much as we enjoy hosting you at our humble abode, at Ruuk Village, we always try to remain small and familiar, so that we could stand by our cause of minimal impact. The existence of Ruuk Village and all its activities are intricately designed to bring economic benefit to the community. Despite our small-scale structure which comes as a prerequisite of such ambition; we deliver an unrivalled quality of service to our guests. It brings us such joy to see our guests adhere to and follow our philosophy with much sincerity and enthusiasm.

Being a part of Ruuk Village sustainability project and interacting with the local community will undoubtedly give you a different perspective on travelling.

kiteboarding & sustainability

Although kitesurfing seems to be the centre of gravity of the small fishing Village of Kalpitiya in Sri-Lanka, a plethora of activities besides kiteboarding can be explored during your stay. From riding the tide in search of the gentle giants and pods of bottlenose dolphins to scuba diving in the largest coral reef of Sri Lanka, your stay at Ruuk Village can be packed with an abundance of excitement to appease your wanderlust.

Bringing in the new paradigm of sustainability, into Sri Lankan tourism, we intend to secure a healthy growth, instead of just expanding in size.

At Ruuk Village we encourage meaningful travel therefore if you wish to be a part of changing lives, just drop us an email. We will send you a list of community-based initiatives, you could join in as volunteers.

Live WindGuru statistics (Kalpitiya Sri Lanka) measured at the entrance of Ruuk Village
NOTE: Add around 5 knots to derive the wind speed of the kiting beach.

why choose Ruuk Village ?

Choose our old school VW airport pick up

Choose our old school VW airport pick up

Magic-spot north of Ruuk Village, there are about three more sought after kiting spots that are easily accessible from Ruuk Village – the donkey spot, Kappalady lagoon and the secret spots within Puttalam lagoon. If you can’t wait to give kiting lessons a-go, after careful contemplation and surfing the web for days, just sift through our accommodation options and kite services. We would warmly welcome you to our Kiteschool in Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing in Kalpitiya as it is the perfect combination of ideal placement and exceptional patience of our team that will enable quick learning. With the thorough training of roughly three to five days, you will be riding the tide like a pro in no time! Ruuk Village is strategically placed in front of the Kalpitiya main lagoon, where perfect wind conditions often blow in favour of beginners and advanced kiters alike.

Best flat water for learning to kitesurf in Kalpitiya

Best flat water for learning to kitesurf in Kalpitiya

From May through end September, the waters are much calmer, and many students from continents far and wide, gather to learn the art and technicality of kitesurfing, in the shallow waters of Kalpitiya. If you are a beginner or a freestyle kitesurfer, Kalpitiya lagoon offers the ideal conditions that has an uncanny resemblance to that of the kiting arena in Sicily, the famous Lagoon in Stagnone Marsala However, if you wish to enjoy the beauty of the coastline on a long downwinder, we would suggest the Indian Ocean along the Kalpitiya coastline. Our VDWS/IKO certified kite instructors and staff will take care of organising lessons and kite trips during your stay. Beside Dream-spot, Vellai, aka


why should you plan your next kite holidays to srilanka?

Despite stirring up interest in the kiting world and progressively gaining popularity, the coastal Village of Kalpitiya boasts uncrowded beaches and untouched surroundings that sprawls across 44km of land area.

We didn't build a swimming pool for you, but we built a swing... which is much better...

We didn't build a swimming pool for you, but we built a swing... which is much better...

Happy kiters enjoying a day at the kite beach

Happy kiters enjoying a day at the kite beach

We are pleased that mass tourism has not invaded Kalpitiya like other kiting destinations, because it aligns with our intentions of remaining small; thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

Ruuk Village also hosts the first live Wind Guru Spot in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka.

Ruuk Village kitesurf school and rental in Kalpitiya operates throughout the year, so we could facilitate the needed guidance and equipment to our guests at any time they are required.

Each year, as the month of November approaches, your kiteboarding experience could enter a new dimension of excitement, as you playfully hover over the Indian ocean. What can be more exciting than kitesurfing? Well, we would say; kiting alongside pods of dolphins!

We could all agree that weather conditions can be unpredictable

sometimes, but even non-windy days don’t go a waste at Ruuk Village, as there are tons of things to do in Kalpitiya at any given time. The serenity and the ambience at Ruuk Village’s beautifully maintained garden makes it an ideal spot to practice your Yoga in Kalpitiya while resting your eyes on the far horizon of this beautiful kitesurfing lagoon.

Wake up to witness the fishermen setting sail or trying to earn a living in exchange with the day’s fresh catch. Oftentimes the food we serve at Ruuk Village is prepared with fresh vegetables, fruits and even seafood that is sourced directly from the Village vendors. Our chefs (local ladies) are exceptional and prepares the best local meals. Prepare to fall in love with Sri Lanka cuisine. The staple food - Rice and curry, string hoppers, hoppers and (definitely) kottu are some of the must-try’s during your stay at Ruuk Village.