You can learn to cook with our team

Why should one travel if you do not get the chance to experience authentic food culture of that particular country or region. This is exactly what we believe in.

  • When you travel to italy you would love to try mama's kitchen where the best pastas or a best pizza is made.
  • When you are in Sardinian then you would love to try a local fish dish, to experience how original fishermen used to eat their meals.
  • When you are in Germany, you would love to taste their best beers and try a "Bratwürst" or even a pork dish.

The list can go why not try authentic Sri Lankan curries when you are in Sri Lanka. Cooked by local ladies who ususally only cook for their families. We might not do a load of decorations to present the food but what we do make sure is:

  • ingrediants are fresh
  • prepared in a typical kitchen like in most local houses
    • but we pay extra attantion to hygenic food preperation
    • we use our own coconuts, from our cocnut plantation
    • We try to reuse the fire wood what the coconut trees and palmayrah trees give us.
  • and dishes which tastes the same, as if you would eat with a local family.

Learn to cook Rice and curry

During your stay, you can always organize an appointment to learn how to cook a

  • Dhal curry ( Red lintels)
  • Coconut sambal
  • chicken curry or a fish / prawn curry

NOTE: You can take a bottle of "Roast curry powder" and "non roasted" to cook your own curries at home. Inform the team at check in, so they can prepare you a fresh bottle of spices.

Collect mussles

You can also ask our kitchen team to show you how to collect mussels form the lagoon. kitchen team will then show you how we prepare them in the Sri Lankan art.

Seafood BBQ

We also prepare seafood BBQ by the lagoon at sunset, make your reservation with us. This is also a perfect way to enjoy an evening for a two, with candle light.