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Red Mosque in Colombo City Centre

Red Mosque in Colombo City Centre

I am sure that every one of you had read the news about Sr-Lankan suicide attacks during the Easter Sunday Church sessions.
Three Churches were targeted and three 5-star Hotels.
Two of the Churches are in the Capital of Colombo (in the west), the third church is in the east of Sri-Lanka. All three 5-star hotels are in the Capital of Colombo.

There are many theories about who and why. But the most important of it all is citizens of Sri-Lanka lost over 250 lives and lives of over a dozen of tourists included. They were all innocent victims and their families will have to live with this loss for the rest of their lives.

This was not a religious act, it is purely a barbaric & inhuman terrorist act against humanity. The whole Island mourns the loss of 250 lives and over 500 injured.

Some of you might know that I myself come from Sri-Lanka (Colombo), I was born there, and I grew up in Sri-Lanka (before moving to Germany for further studies).
I am sad and at the same time very angry, but lord Buddha's teaching helps me to withstand my anger and to focus on helping the families who need help to continue., and most of all to be able to lead the team at “Ruuk Village”. As you know our small team comprises members from all 4 religions/communities.

Therefore, I would like to share one thought with you, maybe you could indirectly help Sri-Lanka to continue with their day to day life.

In few weeks, the European vacation time starts, Sri-Lanka has been declared as "destination of 2019" by lonely Planet and few other publications.

There are surely few friends / families of you who had planned to visit the island this year. It is important that travelers visit Sri-Lanka and they stick to their plans. Island state will revert to normality soon, the security forces will guarantee that its citizens and visitors are safe.
Sri Lankan people are the epitome of resilience and will get through this like they have done through previous adversity.

Let us not allow the terrorists achieve their goals, lets us not be intimidated. The terrorists targeted 3 luxury hotels in Colombo, to send a message to the western world.
But we need to continue with our lives and not get dragged in to their dark pits.
Therefore, do tell your friends & family to keep travelling to the Island, that’s the ONLY way we can overcome such hypocrite attacks / terror in this world.

Terrorism must not be allowed to stop us from living our lives. Sri-Lankan will be doing everything possible to make sure the responsible terrorists are rounded up and produced before law.

Share this message with everyone who has plans to go to Sri-Lanka, there are many who might be insecure with the current situation in the Island.

The best thing the world can do is support and stand by the Sri Lankan community and visit this incredible island if you can

Thank you and wishing you all a great summer.