Visa for Sri Lanka

Each person travelling to Sri Lanka shall have a minimum of 30days travelling Visa. This can be aquired
either online ONLINE VISA
or on arrival Online visa can be paid using your credit card and once the application is filled and the payment is done, you should recieve an Email in the next 24hours with confirmation of your application and in most cases you will also have the online visa in a mail.
The cost of a VISA is 35US$

VISUM für Sri Lanka 30 Tage

How to get to Kalpitiya

+ Kalpitiya is 144Km away from the Sri Lankan International Airport.
+ During the day the travelling time can be a bit more than in the evnings or early mornings.
+ The best way to travel is to organize a pickup through your hotel.
+ Travelling time with a Taxi varies between 2,5hrs to 3,5Hrs.
+ We recommend you to arrange your pikcup with your accomadation, which saves your time to find the hotel location.
+ If you take a Taxi from the airport, most driveres would not know their way around in Kalpitiya.

+ You can also take the train or the bus to Kalpitiya, for this option you would have to plan a minium of 5 hours from the time you leave the airport. + For mor details on how to use the bus / train to Kalpitiya read the following page.  Google Map - How to get to Kalpitiya

NOTE: In case you have your kite luggage plus another backpack, we recommend you to take a Taxi to save you a load of time and also some nerves.

Flughafen Sri Lanka info

Flughafen Taxi nach kalpitiya

What is the best time to travel to sri lanka ?

+ Sri Lanka is a all year around travel destination.
+ Sri lanka has two monzoon fronts, but since there are mountanis in the middle of the country, the other side is mostly protected from the monzoon.
+ This allows travelling all year around.
+ The most famous time for travelling is during December till March, where the temprateues all over the coutnry becomes a bit mild than the rest of the year. But this is also the most busiest time to travel to Sri lanka, and in case you are a person looking for more space and quietness during your holidays, you need to avoid travelling to Sri lanka during December and January.

What is the duration of the flight to Sri Lanka ?

+ All known flight operators offers flights to Colombo international airport.
+ The travel time, depending on the transit. Total flying time is around 12 hours.
+ Known Operators with transit of min 120mins, sometimes it can also vary up to few hours. + Therefore it is important to double check the transit time you would have, before you make a confirmed ticket booking:
Emirates - transit in Dubai around 2 hours
Ethihard Airways - transit in Abhu-Dahbi around 2 hours
Qatar Airways - transit in Doha around 2hrs
Oman Airways - transit in Muscat minimum 3hrs
The only airlines flying directly to Colombo international airport is KLM and Sri lankan Airlines.
KLM - Direct flights from Amsterdam
Sri Lankan Airlines - Direct flights from London and Frankfurt

What about ATM for cash withdrawal in Kalpitiya ?

+ Sri Lankan rupees is the currency, which is around 200Rs to Euro and 160Rs to CHF
+ All known banks in Europe / Switzerland allows you to draw money in the ATM machines in Kalpitiya.
+ Some credit cards needs to be activated for Sri Lanka, do check this with your bank before you leave
+ Kalpitiya has 4 ATM machines – from 4 different banks
+ You can also pay with your credit card at most of the places in Sri Lanka
+ We dont recommend you to exchange money in to SRs in your home country, since this will be more expensive

What is the custom of giving tips ?

+ Most places in Sri Lanka includes the a service charge to your final bill which shall be distributed among the team, which is mostly added to the base salary.
+ In case you wish to tip a person, depending on the amount of the bill you can offer 10% of the total ( is considered normal )
In case the bill is just few hundered rupees, example 450Rs, it’s recommended not to leave a 10% tip at all, since some may take it as an insult.
A tipp below 100Rs need not be given, specially at restaurants. At a local shop, the waiter might not mind having a tipp below 100Rs
You wouldn't give a 10cts tip in your home town eitehr (smile)

What can/should I pack ?

+ We recommend every one to use a stronger sun cream , specially during the first few days. We recommend a 50% protection. Bring enough sun cream. since there are no shops in Kalpitiya to buy a quality sun cream
+ Pack a water-sport hat
+ In case you are one of those unlucky kiters, who steps on most of the sharp things, pack your neoprene shoes
+ Maybe a mosquito spray, but in Kalpitiya you can also buy “citronella Oil”, remember to apply this every day after you have shower, specially the legs and the arms.
+ Maybe for the kiters with a sensitive skin, long arm UV shirt
+ For the ladies, do pack a pair of shorts ( can also be hot pants / boat shorts). Kalpitiya is still developing and there are enough fishermen who have not seen a female in a two piece swim suite. As a sign of respect, this is a good thing to take note of.
+ Take some wound cleaning disinfection fluid. The first aid BOX at Ruuk Village includes a disinfection fluid too.

What else can i do other than kiting ?

+ Sri Lanka’s biggest national park is only an hour away by boat / jeep, you can get our team to organize you a safari trip. NOTE: Don’t except to see animals like in an African safari tour. But you can see Elephants and with a bit of Luck also the leopards. But experts in wild life say that Sri Lanka has a higher density of wild life concentrated on a tiny area. Some say it is 3 times higher than in Brazil for example.
+ Visit the Buddhist Temple on a rock - Anamaduwa
+ Visit the “Elephant Tree” which is around 700 years old.
+ Collect mussels and get the kitchen team to prepare them for dinner
+ Visit the Oyster farm 6 buy fresh oysters
+ Learn how to make virgin coconut oil from our own coconuts
+ Learn how to prepare a curry and also how we make our own curry pastes
+ Play a round of Petanque or Volleyball
+ Learn how to make Kottu-Rotti in the evenings
+ Play darts
+ Collect sea shells, collect old wood pieces and paint them to take them home with you
+ Or ask our kitchen ladies to show you how to prepare a coconut leaf for roofing.
+ Take our SUP and discover the lagoon
+ Take the bycicles and discover the surroundings

Can I exchange money inside the Sri Lankan airport ?

+ Yes you can, right away at the airport, when you come though the customs Or also in Kalpitiya at the jewelry shop
+ Don’t exchange money in your locale bank, since the exchange rate is really not good.
+ In case you plan to go traveling after kiting in Kalpitiya, then you can also use
your credit-card or your Maestro card to draw money. NOTE : There are certain cards which does not work. You need to cross check with your bank before.

What about drinking water ?

+ Drinking water is available in 20L water spenders
+ We have banned use of plastic straws and one way plastic bottles, kindly refrain from purchasing plastic bottles in the town centre
+ To reduce plastic waste, we recommend you bring your sport drinking bottle with you, we also have few bottles what you can borrow
+ We request all guests to help us save water. Kalpitiya is in the dry-zone and Ruuk Village is not connected to the public water system. Ruuk Village pumps the water from a deep-well

Credit Card payment

+ Most of the known credit cards are accpeted in most of the shops and accomadation
+ Most places apply a 3% transaction cost to your final bill ( Payment gateway cahrges / 3rd party charges)

Paypal payments

+ paypal paymanetns are accepted as a prepayment method only ( advnace payment )
+ Any Paypal cahrges which occurs, shall be carried by the payee.

What aobut any vacines ?

+ We recommend you to talk to your doctor, and get his oppinion on this topic

How to get to Kalpitiya after a late arrival at the international airport ?

+ We recommend you to take a hotel / hostel room close to the airport and get yourself picked up next day
+ In case you still wish to travel another 3 hours by taxi ( after a late night flight) then we can make arrangements to pick you up. Kindly mention this during the booking process.
+ Our check-is between 14:00Hrs till 22:00Hrs. After this a late night fee is added to your final bill.

What about insurance for rental or own kite material?

+ In case you are a kiter who goes to places few times a year, we recommednd you to have either the VDWS tool Box or the "Swiss Kitegenossen insurance
+ If you are renting maerial from Ruuk Village, we could also offer you an insurance to cover damge to material with out a "deductible" amount. 10€ per each covered day. Covers ONLY kitematerial which are not purposely damaged.
+ VDWS Tool Box Link
+ Swiss Kitegenossen Insurance

What about internet coverage in Sri lanka ?

+ Sri Lanka offer one of the best 4G ( Broad band Networks ) in South Asia.
+ Sri lanka was one of the first coutries to offer 3G to its communication networks. + This means in Sri Lanka, irrespective where you are, the Data coverage is pretty good. + Most places offer Free WiFi. In case you wish to be independent, we recommend you to get a Prepaid SIM at the airport.
+ The opertors we recommend are:
Dialog Data
Mobitel Data
NOTE: Make sure your Mobile / smart phone is not SIM locked, check this with your network operator. Or just take a SIM ( should be a different operator than yours ) of your friend and replace it in your mobile, if your mobile can connect to the particular mobile Network then you are read to go.
Electricity current is 220 – 240 Volt AV, you don’t need to take extra adaptors, you can ask for an adaptor at check-in

Enjoy a Sri Lankan Ice cream during your kiting sessions

Enjoy a Sri Lankan Ice cream during your kiting sessions

How do we transport coconuts ?

How do we transport coconuts ?