Just you and the palm trees....

Just you and the palm trees....

Island trip to Vellai aka magic spot

Island trip to Vellai aka magic spot

  • What is the main difference between Ruuk Village and the rest ?

  • What is the concept of RuukVillage ?

  • What makes RuukVillage unique in Kalpitiya ?

Ruuk Village was born out of passion to #Kalpitiya #KiteSurfing & love for #SriLanka.
We want to make #RuukVillage a place where you can find yourself surrounded by nature and find serenity during your stay.

We want to improve the "Ruuk Village" project and to provide a stable product to our growing customer base that are in search of simplicity in life.

But the sole purpose of "Ruuk Village" is not about profit, it is about a #lifestyle which founders of #RuukVillage believe in. Founders/initiators of Ruuk Village are working 100% in their own professions in Europe but both the initiators guide and coach the locale team to thrive in their personal development. This means, the practical owners of “Ruuk Village” are the ones working onsite. If the project succeeds, then the locale team benefits directly and the project initiators indirectly seeing the team improving and the project improving in quality.  This makes "Ruuk Village" unique in Kalpitiya.

#Profit is not everything in a world where all aspects are measured in unhealthy profit margins.
Where establishments are yearning for "maximum profit" to increase year after year, we want to show the local population that life is not all about "maximizing profit" but about "living with balance".

We have taken up a difficult challenge where profit yearning non-Sri Lankans as well as Sri Lankans are flocking to Kalpitiya with all sorts of ideas, as to how they can make that "Golden Dollar" from the beautiful/un spoilt beaches of #MyIsland #SriLanka.

We hope that we can coach and guide locals to feel and to understand the importance of living in harmony with once surroundings. With a minimum#FootPrint.

Most of us living in the western world have had this thought at least once. We are tired of the "consumer oriented" societies we live in and we want to get to that beautiful place on earth …
But what do we do when we are there?
We forget why we left that western "consumer oriented" society … We repeat the same mistakes even in that beautiful place where we want to be, and we spoil the locale communities with the same virus we once escaped.

We infect those young un spoilt minds and hearts of Kalpitiya with unhealthy "Maximum Profit" oriented thinking. We infect locals with "horniness in consumption". Is that what we want to give to the local population of this beautiful Island?
"We want more, and we want it all for ourselves!" , This is the general attitude of most of the projects!

#RuukVillage shall do different and coach differently

  • We want to get the locals to take up responsibility in providing good #quality #service at an affordable price.

  • We want locals to champion in "Service Excellence".

  • We want locals to understand "Guests" commitments are much more valuable than the quick profit that you make. Think different!

#Sustainability in sales and services shall walk a long way …
It's not easy …
But we are ready for that challenge …