Ruuk Village organizes your dolphin watching trips from November to March, if you are coming to see whales the best time is November / December and March/April.

You can almost touch the dolphins...

You can almost touch the dolphins...

What's included :

  • A ticket per person which needs to be purchased at "Department of wild life" which amounts to 10US$ per person. This applies to all visitors who does not hold a Sri Lankan passport.

    • Incase you are an expat working in Sri Lanka don't forget to bring your passport where your resident visa is vissible. In such cases the price per person differs. Do contact us prior to your visit in Kalpitiya to give you a cost per person.

  • The boat will pick you up at our gate and bring you back

  • Refreshments (Ginger Beer / Water Salt crackers )

  • And lunch (Rice and Curry) when you come back from the dolphin safari

NOTE: Some hints about the "Cost Vs Service" in our blog. Cost per person reduces as the number of guests taking part in the excursion increases. 

Kalpitiya is a perfect place to discover the north western part of indian ocean. When the sea is calm in the morning hours (from Nov till April ) one can take a boat with certified drivers/guides to observe groups of dolphins. The maximum number of guests per boat is 6. And a swim west is compulsory, which is also provided during the trip. 

When you see these beauties, you become a child again..

When you see these beauties, you become a child again..

sustainalbe dolphin and whale watching in kalpitiya - 30€ p/p


Total time of the excursion deffers,examples are given below:

  • approximately 3 to 4 hours ( Dolphin tour plus island visit )

  • if only dolphin tour is desired, then it's around 2 - 2.5 hours

  • approximately 3 to 4 hours if you combine a dolphin and snorkeling at the bar reef.

You can choose between below activites:

  • Dolphin Safari only (if you are lucky whales can be spotted too)

  • Dolphin tour and at the end a picknick at "Wella Island" (additional Price )

  • Visit to the Elphant tree / bio bab tree - (additional Price )

  • Visit to old dutch church in dutch bay (additional Price )

  • Mangrooves tour (additional Price )

  • Snorkling at the Barreef combined with an Island picknick (you can also opt to spend the day on one of these islands and come back before sunset) (additional Price )

Note: You can also combine dolphine and snorkling, but the directions are two different directions and you will need to plan 2-2.5 hours for dolphin tour and another 2 hours for snorkling. Its recomended to do both these seperately, since it can be tiring for one day's activities. In any case we will be glad to consult you personally to find the best possible combinations on activities.

Use the below given Button to send us a query for prices. or just drop an email to :

NOTE: The price per tour is calculated depending on the amount of Guests taking part in a boat ( Max 6 passengers ). Therefore kindly drop us amail to get exact price break down for your required dates.