When you are onsite, and have gotten used to the climate and the surroundings of Kalpitiya, talk to our Kite team, and we can organize the rest for you. Here you find more details on the Kite-safaris we organize to one of the best kite spots in Kalpitiya. The best kite trip we offer is to the magic-spot aka Vellai. There are 14 lagoons in Kalpitiya and we organize trips to all these lagoons. In the Google map the most important trips are marked.

Spend a day or a night on one of the amazing flat water areas in Asia. The island has recieved its name from kiters who have visited this area. Some have even compared it with flat water areas in Brazil.

One of the best flat water spots in the world are to be found in Kalpitiya, around 25km north of Kalpitiya Village, only a boat can take you there. There are no roads.

If the wind is right and the month is right, you can find even waves in Kalpitiya to check your level of riding the waves. It is not far away from Ruuk Village, this video shows how it looks like to ride the waves in Kalpitiya.