Sri Lanka is a perfect location for your next kite destination. Kalpitiya is one of the best places for you to kite surf as it offers a 44km Long indian ocean beach front with perfect wind conditions. And for the beginners and for the once who wants to try their free style tricks the lagoons in Kalpitiya are the best. From all the lagoons of Kalpitiya, main lagoon of Kalpitiya which is right by the the town centre is perfect. Ruuk Village is only 1.8km away from Kalpitiya town centre but right by the lagoon.

"Ruuk Village" In Kalpitiya Sri Lanka offers you a place to spend your holidays in a nature surrounded environment. "Ruuk Village" is directly situated at the Kalpitiya main lagoon with its own water front to the lagoon.

Here is a collection of videos which gives you a visual impression of Kalpitiya kitesurfing. Shows you also the different colors what you can experience during your stay at "Ruuk Village" in Kalpitiya-SriLanka.

Most of the scenes in this video are from the main Kalpitiya Kitesurfing lagoon area, where Ruuk Village has direct access to.

If you are not an advanced kiter we use our house boat to transfer you to the kiter's beach where you have perfect conditions to learn and to improve your skills.

Another video from the Kalpitiya main kiting lagoon. Waist high water and protected lagoon where you can learn and improve your skills.

Also includes a kite-trip to the north of Kalpitiya : #Kite Trip to Adams Bridge - Mannar

A very cool video from "Aina Renolen" and "Roman Kaiser" from Switzerland during their visit to Kalpitiya Kitesurfing lagoon.