The perfect team — Sri Lankans with three different social and religious backgrounds make you feel at home.

"Ruuk Village" wants to take responsibility in coaching and grooming locals mainly from Kalpitiya and to provide a social and an economical amendment for Kalpitiya’s future developments.

"Ruuk Village" believes only through integrating locals into "tourism" trade that one region can preserve its valuables like, nature, culture and social aspects. Kalpitiya is very special since the local population is made out of Muslims, Hindus, Christian and Buddhists.

Even when there is instability within a country's political system, locals will still keep their doors opened when the bigger investments have already left the country, when the ROI is going to be low and the investors don't get their profit. Ruuk Village shall become sustainable and does not have to carry the burden generating ROI, Ruuk Village should only become independent to grow on its own.

Most of our team members who helped built Ruuk Village from scratch has moved on with their own adventures in tourism trade. We still work side by side with these individuals, we are proud to observe that they are developing themselves and becoming independent. One good example for this is "Susantha Fernanado" who was one of our first team members who supported and consulted us in many different aspects. Today he has now established himself as an entrepreneur. And we are happy to see this development.

 Joined the team in 2014 after leaving his Bank job....

Joined the team in 2014 after leaving his Bank job....

Gamage, Teamleader, Kandy

After finishing his school studies Gamage has been working for a bank and decided he wanted to gather experience in hospitality.

Gamage took up his appointment at "Ruuk Village" in April 2014. After understanding Ruuk Village's concept of growing together he wanted to take up the new challenge with Ruuk Village.

We are glad to give him a new challenge/opportunity and also to grow together with his personality.

He is responsible for front office activities, starting from greeting guests at check-in, making sure that all your needs are looked after.

He speaks Sinhala & English and has a basic understanding of Tamil too. This allows him to communicate to all locals in the area.

We hope that Gamage will grow with "Ruuk Village" and that we are able to provide him a sustainable work & life balance.

Gihan probably laughs an hour a day ....


Gihan finished school in Kalpitiya and was born in Kalpitiya in a farming family. Gihan attended a basic course in cooking in colombo for a while, wanted to become a chef. Roshan came across his profile on facebook, and was following his activites for a while, and realized that he was looking for a job in tourism trade. 

After an initial interview Gihan was given the opportunity to get hands on experience working within the team.

Today Gihan is responscible for service during meals and also purchasing material from the city. 

 You find him always with a smile and he will make sure to hang a lantern for you

You find him always with a smile and he will make sure to hang a lantern for you

Susantha - Housekeeping, Kalpitiya

His brother tells us that he is proud to be working within Ruuk village.

It is his first ever job outside his home. We encourage him to take up more responsibility. He helps the kitchen team also make coconut oil from the Ruuk Village^s coconut harvest.

He will make sure your cabana is cleaned and kept cleaned during your stay.

 Our Kitchen angels,  Kalpitiya for Sri Lankan "Rice & Curry"

Our Kitchen angels,  Kalpitiya for Sri Lankan "Rice & Curry"

Rani, kitchen Lady-1 ("Küchenfee"), Hatton

Born in Hatton in the tea plantations, she joined our team in 2016, she has years of experience working in house holds before coming to Kalpitiya to cook for our small community.

She is living onsite and makes sure the kitchen is efficient. She is also part of the coconut oil making project.

We want Rani and Mary to spoil our guests with authentic Sri Lankan dishes. She will spoil you already with her breakfast, with dishes like:

  • String hoppers with coconut sambol
  • "Pittu" with coconut milk
  • "Dose" with a typical Tamil breakfast curry
  • always a fresh plate of fruits
  • and many more.

We hope she will enjoy cooking for all Ruuk Village guests in many years to come.

 A smily charactor and a hardworking person

A smily charactor and a hardworking person

Kanthi, kitchen Lady-2 ("Küchenfee"), Kalpitiya

Born in Kalpitiya and had been working in the vegetable fields before coming to Ruuk Village. She joined our team in 2016. She is learning fast and is a key member of our team. She is living onsite and makes sure the kitchen is efficient. She is also part of the coconut oil making project.

We want Kanthi and Rani to spoil our guests with authentic Sri Lankan dishes. You should definitely try her prawn & Mango salad.

 Shehan makes sure your stay is comfortable

Shehan makes sure your stay is comfortable

Shehan housekeeper/Room Boy, Kalpitiya

Shehan left school at 9th grade since he did not enjoy school. He helped his farther with fishing in the Kalpitiya main lagoon. He is now 18 years old.

When Shehan was interviewed we asked him what he wants to become in five years and he said that he wants to learn English, learn how tobecome a service oriented person.

We are happy to have him in our team and to train him to learn basics of house keeping and to train him to provide service with a note of quality.

We hope that Shehan enjoys what he is learning at Ruuk Village and that Ruuk Village can provide him a home away from home to grow and to learn a new trade.

 Ruchira our local kitesurfer, he will make sure you are safe at the beach.

Ruchira our local kitesurfer, he will make sure you are safe at the beach.

Ruchira Fernando - Kite Assistant and Rescue BOAT, Kalpitiya

Ruchira is the cousin of "Susantha Fernando" and is one of the first locals kiting in Kalpitiya main lagoon. He is a shy character. If you want to do something good for him, make him talk to you in English, which will help him indirectly to improve his language skills.

We hope he improves his language skills, so that we can help him to get his IKO or VDWS kite instructor certificate. Which will definitely have a direct impact to his future in Kalpitiya


Sulo, Gardener, Jaffna

Makes sure that "Ruuk Vilalge" becomes greener.

 Susantha Fernando

Susantha Fernando

Susantha Fernando, External service provider, Kalpitiya

Susantha, born and raised in Kalpitiya, started kitesurfing in 2013 and is now one of a few locals who kitesurf.
From day one, where Roshan De Silva started to look for suitable plot of land to start "Ruuk Village" , he has been closely working and following the developments of "Ruuk Village". He is one of the few locals who has been following the devolopment of kiting in Kalpitiya.
Moreover, he is a perfect boatsman who knows Kalpitiya and its surroundings inside out. 

You will find him always with a smile on his face.

Today he provides Ruuk Vilalge with all needed external services such as boats, beach service and kite guide.

He and his small team are closely working with "Ruuk Vilalge" team to make your stay in Kalpitiya as comfortable as possible.

 Kite dude on site....

Kite dude on site....

Daniel Kreisel joined the project back in 2014 to develop the Kiteschool together with Roshan. Daniel brings years of Kitesurfing experience and holds a sport management diploma.

After he finished his university studies, Daniel started working in the open market for one of the known super markets chains in Germany. But he soon realized that working in an office is not what he wanted. Ever since he has made his hobby his passion. Every student who gets the chance to have Daniel as their instructor has always praised his patients and didactic methods.

Daniel is also Ruuk Village(pvt) Ltd working director who is onsite during the absence of Thileeban and Roshan

 chief dude..

chief dude..

Roshan, CEO, Colombo

Roshan was born in Sri Lanka and is now living in Europe (Zurich, Switzerland), working full time in telecommunication branch as an "Telecommunication Architect / Engineer", where he makes his living.

In his spare time, he takes the responsibility of daily operations including strategy and even to a certain extent guest relations. The local team supports him to guarantee each and every guest who spends time in Ruuk Village feels at home.

With a mixed background (Sri Lanka / Europe), Roshan clearly understands the needs of a guest who wants to discover Sri Lanka.

In 2011, during his first visit to north western province where he himself had his first kite experience, he realized that Kalpitiya & its citizens needs focus.

Unspoiled and surrounded by natural resources like wind and sunshine throughout the year, made him look for a suitable property to set up a place where anyone could feel at home.

His mission is to let the local community understand that "good service and quality" does not need to cost a fortune. And that satisfeid customers are the best asset what a service provider could have.

Roshan makes a point to work with locals from the area surrounding "Ruuk Village". Everyone working within RuukVillage has no hospitality background, Locals are being groomed and given a possibility get in to hospitality trade.

 Creative dude....

Creative dude....

Thileeban, Creative Director, Jaffna

Thileeban was born in Jaffna (northern province) Sri Lanka and grew up in Switzerland where he learned to understand and integrate the European and Sri Lankan way of living.  Thileeban has also initiated other start-ups in Switzerland ( , , and woks full time in Switzerland and is dedicated to make "Ruuk Village" a sucess.

During a visit to his motherland, he bumped into Roshan in Hikkaduwa (southern province) and they were surprised to meet each other thousands of miles away from Zurich where they had previously met couple of times. 

Roshan invited him to join him to travel to Kalpitiya where a meeting was supposed to take place with the former land owner of "Ruuk Village". Thileeban accompanied Roshan and was thrilled by the idea of "Ruuk Village". The rest, as they say, is history ...

 1971 build VW T2 "Ruuk Mobile"

1971 build VW T2 "Ruuk Mobile"

Ruuk Mobile, Taxi, T2 Volkswagen Wolfsburg

One of the very few Volkswagen T2 vehicles which are still running the streets of Sri Lanka. Built in 1971, "Ruuk Mobile" can be hired to pick you up or bring you to the Colombo airport.